Nature Quest: Wildlife spectacles – Watching winter wildfowl

Thousands upon thousands of ducks, waders, geese and swans festoon the pools and flooded fields in front of me as they peacefully feed, bathe, preen and rest. The air is filled with sound: the high-pitched ‘peeps’ of teal, the funny ‘whee-ow’ of the wigeon , the harsh calls of geese, and the gentle bugling calls … More Nature Quest: Wildlife spectacles – Watching winter wildfowl

A nightingale sang

The other week I was lucky enough to join a Bristol Naturalists’ Society walk to RSPB Highnam Woods in Gloucestershire in search of that master of song, the nightingale. I’d never actually heard a nightingale before – they’re sadly quite a rare thing these days. There is so much history and folklore surrounding these special … More A nightingale sang

An Easter walk

Over Easter I managed to visit family in Kent and take a walk at Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve, a lovely reserve on the edge of Sevenoaks, owned by the Kent Wildlife Trust. After some glorious warm weather the week before, spring appeared to have been put on hold temporarily, and the day had turned out rather … More An Easter walk