An Urban Bioblitz

I’ve mentioned before that I live in quite an urban part of Bristol, and that although it’s a nice area and Bristol is a great place to live, my part of it is pretty much devoid of trees, grass or really anything other than tightly packed houses, cars and concrete. I am lucky in having … More An Urban Bioblitz

Posing partridges and other farmland birds

Last week I got the chance to spend an evening listening for quail and spotting some other farmland birds near Marshfield, in Gloucestershire. This area is a hotspot for birds such as quail, corn buntings and other traditional farmland species which are sadly becoming much less familiar sights elsewhere. Thankfully, these birds appear to be … More Posing partridges and other farmland birds

The Gulls of Bristol

I’ve been itching to write my next post all week and have been busy taking photos ready for it, so here goes. I’ve also got exciting peregrine-related stuff to talk about but thought that peregrines might overshadow gulls somewhat, so decided to give the gulls a fair go first! I’ve been living and working in … More The Gulls of Bristol